Italian Decorative


We believe your walls and floors have much to speak for themselves. Made by master craftsmen and artisans, Italian Decorative creates distinguished plasters and paints that make a statement. Our products range from robust, natural, and breathable lime plasters to decorative and washable acrylic paints – each of which can be tinted with colours from our extensive chart and refined into a world of textures to match your every aesthetic need.

Italian Decorative是来自意大利的高端艺术漆品牌,赋予家庭意大利的生活艺术。由大师级工匠制作,制造出杰出的艺术漆,彰显个性。我们的产品实用、天然环保,每一种涂料都可以用我们丰富的图表中的颜色着色,并提炼成一个纹理世界,以满足您的每一种美学需求。

From the finest marbles to exceptional limes, Italy is a treasure trove for all things exquisite. Those raw, pristine, and natural materials are the very building blocks of our stuccos and paints, which exude Italian tradition and prestige in its every inch. Italian Decorative manufactures each of its products in Italy and shares its pride with every corner of the world with strokes of pure Italian luxury.

从大理石到天然熟石灰,意大利是所有精致事物的宝库。这些原始和天然的材料正是我们艺术漆的基石,它们每一寸都散发着意大利的传统和声望。Italian Decorative在意大利生产的每一种产品,以纯正的意大利奢华与世界各地分享其自豪感。

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